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Free Shipping On Purchases Over $100!

SMC Raptor Slave Unit (Rental)

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Rent for just $300/week!

The slave Raptor is visually identical to the master unit but lacks the amplifier, the handheld controller and the auxiliary input/output panels. Its only mission is to push an additional 5 kVA power from the mains input to the high current pass-through secondary. Up to three slaves can be added for up to 15,000 A with a 18-kVA total injection power.

The master unit detects the presence of slaves using infrared communications, so no additional control or power interconnections are required. The user only needs to pass the current conductor across the entire assembly and use it as if it was a single device. As an added benefit of the pass-through secondary technique, the user can easily multiply the compliance voltage by making more than one turn with the current conductor around the entire system. No need to disconnect / reconnect to separate output taps.

The Rapor SL features two toroidal windings that are activated individually by the master unit as the power demand grows. If two or more slaves are used, the master activates one toroidal in each unit first, then the second toroidal in all. This sophisticated injection control ensures seamless current flow and optimal workload distribution.