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Free Shipping On Purchases Over $100!

Siemens WLTS Breaker Test Set (Rental)

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Original price $35.00
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The Siemens WLTS hand-held circuit breaker test set is the perfect companion for service personnel and users of Siemens type WL circuit breakers. It will verify many trip unit functions and, in most cases, removes the need for primary injection testing. The Siemens WLTS can perform the following functions:

  • Verify the continuity of the air-core current sensors and the energy transducers in each phase of the circuit breaker.
  • Verify connections to external air-core neutral current sensors in 4-wire residual applications and iron-core ground CTs (current transformers) in MDGF or other directly ground-sensed applications.
  • Verify the connection from the electronic trip unit and the tripping solenoid.
  • Verify that of each of the main overcurrent protective functions (long-time, short-time, instantaneous, and optional ground-fault and neutral overcurrent) will trip the circuit breaker.
  • Help verify communications to an external master by simulating currents in each of the phases.