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Free Shipping On Purchases Over $100!

Ralston QTHP-2FBA 5K PSI Hydraulic Hand Pump

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Ralston QTHP-2FBA 5K PSI Hydraulic Hand Pump, 2 Quick-Test outlet ports, 1/4" Female NPT gauge connection, 1/4" Male NPT process connection, 3 ft hose.

Key Features:

  • Easily pump to 5000 psi without a complicated knob to lock into place
  • Unique reservoir material is highly resistant to shock, extreme temperature and chemical exposure
  • Aluminum handles do not fatigue or wear out over time like plastic ones
  • Two ports on pump for connecting both a pressure reference and a hose to device under test
  • Precision fine-adjust with bronze bearing for smooth control of pressure, even at high pressure
  • Bleed/Vent valve has metal to metal seat for excellent sealing at any pressure
  • Vent valve in cap prevents over-pressurization of liquid reservoir
  • User repairable with standard tools
  • Includes Quick-test adapters and hoses for ease of use in the field
Hose Quick-test Hose, Stainless Steel ends, 3ft ( 0.9m) long