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Free Shipping On Purchases Over $100!

Ralston DPPV-0000 125 PSI & Vaccuum Pneumatic Calibration Pump

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Original price $607.87
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Generate either 125 psi (8.6 bar) pressure or 23 inHg (584 mmHg) vacuum with the same pump. Unique design allows the user to convert from pressure to vacuum by simply twisting a knob, even with gloves on. Two outlet ports allow connection to reference pressure gauge or pressure calibrator as well as device under test, eliminating a tee. Large-volume, fine-adjustment piston provides precise control, even at very low pressure.

Precisely vent pressure with soft-seated bleed valve. Generate either a vacuum or a pressure for calibrating low pressure, or vacuum instrumentation using an external pressure calibrator.


Max Pressure 125 PSI / 8.6 bar / 860 kPa
Max Vacuum 23 InHg / 77.9 kPa
Materials Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
Outlet Port Male Quick-test, Male Quick-test with cap and chain
Seal Materials Buna-N, Delrin
Pressure Media Air
Min Operating Temperature 0 °F / -18 °C
Max Operating Temperature 130 °F / 54 °C
Fine Adjustment Resolution 0.01 PSI / 0.07 mbar / 0.00 kPa
Media Compatibility Air, Inert Gas, Natural Gas