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Free Shipping On Purchases Over $100!

PIECAL 525B Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Calibrator

Original price $2,249.00 - Original price $2,249.00
Original price $2,249.00
$2,249.00 - $2,249.00
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The PIECAL 525B Automated Thermocouple & RTD Temperature Calibrator lets you source and read 14 thermocouple types plus RTD. With the EZ-CHECK switch, you can instantly select three outputs and find trip points with the two-speed EZ-DIAL knob and automatic stepping. The PIECAL 525B features an easy-to-read display with a backlit display to get readings in the darkest calibration environments. No matter how rugged your environment, the PIE 525B can handle anything with the included rubber boot, mV test leads, low-profile switches and brass screws for thermocouple wires and a mini T/C socket.

The PIE 525B has what it takes, no matter what comes your way.

Key Features:

  • Source and read T/C types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, G, C, D, L (J DIN), U (T DIN), and P (Platinel), plus -13.000 to 80.000 mV
  • Calibrate RTD Instruments to 0.1 & 0.01 °F & °C
  • Pt 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 Ohm (3850)
  • Pt 100 Ohm (alpha=3920, 3916, 3926)
  • Cu 10 & 50 Ohm and Ni 120 Ohm
  • Resolution to 0.1°C & °F, accurate to 0.2°
  • Cold junction sensor is accurate to 0.05°C
  • Verify heat treating uniformity survey recorders and perform system accuracy tests
  • Troubleshoot RTD sensors and instruments with automatic detection of 2, 3, and 4-wire connections
  • Instantly select three outputs with EZ-CHECK switch
  • Find trip points with two-speed EZ-DIAL knob and automatic stepping
  • Easily change T/C and RTD types and scale
  • Easy-to-read, backlit display
  • Rugged rubber boot, mV test leads, and low-profile switches for use in plant, field, or shop
  • Uses AA alkaline batteries
  • Verify cold junction temperature and output with secondary displays of compensated millivolt settings
  • Choose from a number of accessories