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Fluke 709H Basic HART Communicator

Original price $1,387.99 - Original price $1,387.99
Original price $1,387.99
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The Fluke 709H offers a built-in HART modem for communication capability to perform the following commands:

  • Read message
  • Read tag, descriptor, calibration date
  • Read sensor PV information
  • Read PV output information
  • Read long tag
  • Write PV ranges (upper and lower)
  • Enter/exit fixed current mode
  • Set zero offset
  • Trim DAC zero (mA output 4 mA)
  • Trim DAC gain (mA output 20 mA)
  • The Fluke 709H also offers ability to store up to twenty HART device configuration files for uploading via 709H/TRACK software. via the 709H/TRACK software. Configurations can be stored as .csv or .txt files. This allows the end user to document plant HART easily.

Configurations can be stored as .csv or .txt files. This feature gives the technician direct access to key device parameters, allowing better troubleshooting, calibrating and maintaining of plant assets.