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BC Biomedical SA-2005 Safety Analyzer (Rental)

SKU: SA-2005

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The BC Biomedical Model The SA-2005 is a microprocessor-based Electrical Safety Analyzer. All three models provide the same basic functions. The SA-2005 adds patient lead testing for five inputs. The SA-2005 adds patient lead testing for five inputs. 

 Features :

• Line voltage measurement
• Device under test current measurement
• Earth/ground lead resistance
• Earth/ground leakage current
• Enclosure/chassis leakage current
• External resistance
• External leakage current
• Source receptacle wiring integrity monitor
• True RMS measurements
• AAMI ES1-1993 or IEC 601 selectable test loads
• 85 to 265 VAC operation
• Full 20 Amp rating
• Touch control keys – no knobs
• Led status indicators
• Audio feedback
• Self test points
• Externally replaceable ground fuse
• Automatic load reversal delay
• Patient lead to lead leakage current
• Patient lead to earth/ground leakage current
• Patient isolation leakage current
• External isolation leakage current
• 5 universal patient lead inputs