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AEMC Power Adapter for PEL 102 & 103

SKU: 2137.77

Sale price $189.95 Regular price $199.95

The power adapter accommodates powering the PEL 102 & 103 from phase power.  Powers from phase to neutral or phase to phase.  Also provides isolation between measurement and instrument power.

 Key Features:

  • Range of use: Phase-to-neutral voltage: 110 to 277V AC; Phase-to-phase voltage: 110 to 480V AC
  • Max. input voltage: Permanent: 530Vac; Transient: 550V AC
  • Min. input voltage: 85V AC (-20%)
  • Max. output voltage: 360V peak
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Consumption: 100VA max at 50/60Hz