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Free Shipping On Purchases Over $100!

AEMC PEL 103 Power Logger (Rental)

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Rent for just $125/week! 

The AEMC PEL 103 Power Logger has been designed for ease of use — it can be installed inside a load centre while still allowing the panel door to close; it offers every essential function for logging power and energy data from electrical power networks across the world; in can measure and record 3 voltage inputs, current inputs, Watts, VARS, VA, and energy, and more — all recorded and stored second-by-second on a removable SD card.

No matter what your power and energy logging needs, the AEMC PEL 103 can be used to calculate energy costs and link data with hundreds of other PEL 100 series instruments on a local network or the internet to evaluate energy usage in a department, facility, remote site, or even a city using DataView technology.

Key Features:

  • Measurement of RMS voltages and currents at 128 times per cycle and stored every second
  • Measurement of VA, W and var power values (total and per phase) stored every second
  • Measurement of VAh, Wh and varh energy values (total and per phase) per second with source/load indication
  • Calculation of the cos φ Displacement Power Factor (DPF) and the Power Factor (PF) stored every second
  • Calculation of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  • Measurement, calculation and display of the harmonics up to the 50th order for 50/60 Hz and 7th order for 400Hz
  • Measurement of the DC quantities (RMS calculation)
  • Display Measurements
  • Electrical network quantities are stored on a removable SD Card
  • Automatic recognition of the connected current sensors
  • DataView software for configuration, data retrieval and real-time viewing of measurements with a PC
  • Compact and rugged case
  • Versatile communication interface choices built in (USB, Ethernet, Class 1 Bluetooth)