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Free Shipping On Purchases Over $100!

AEMC 6550 10kV Megohmeter

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With the ability to program up to three step voltage profiles (40 to 10,000V) with each containing up to 10 steps, ramp profiles, and three programmable test voltages in addition to the standard fixed voltages of 500,1000, 2500, and 10,000V, the AEMC 6550 10kV Megohmmetre is the most innovative portable measuring instrument intended for a wide variety of electrical insulation resistance values on high-voltage devices.

Key Features:

  • Detection and measurement of input voltage, frequency, and current prior to running a test
  • Measurements at a fixed test voltage of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10,000VDC
  • Ramp voltage measurements with a ramp from 40 to 1100V
  • Step voltage measurements with steps from 40 to 10,000V
  • Non-destructive (Early break) test, test stopped at a pre-set current (Break at I-limit) or Burn mode with no predefined stop point
  • Digital filtering of insulation measurements
  • Live measurement of the voltage to warn the operator of potential unsafe conditions
  • Programmable thresholds to trigger audible
  • Timed measurement duration checks
  • Fuse protection with display indication of defective fuse condition
  • Stores up to 80,000 measurements
  • Optically-isolated USB communication for transfer onto PC and and report generation with the included DataView software