AEMC 1227 Thermo-Anemometer Data Logger

AEMC 1227 Thermo-Anemometer Data Logger


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The AEMC 1227 Thermo-Anemometer features an airflow sensor that is designed to accurately measure and log air flow or wind speed. Add to that an ergonomically-designed case, large display and intuitive function selection and the AEMC 1227 is a must-have.

Key Features:

  • Measures temperature and air measurements • Dual line display
  • User selectable wind speed or air flow measurement
  • User selectable measurement units M/S, F/M, KM/M, M/H or M3/S, M3/H, L/S, CF/M • Map mode profiles the illuminance map of the area or room by storing multiple measurements
  • Removable anemometer with expandable cord up to 48”
  • Min, Max and Average measurements stored
  • Hold function freezes the display
  • Spot or continuous recording up to 1 million measurements stored in 8MB flash memory
  • Blue luminescent backlit display
  • USB and Bluetooth communication
  • Magnetic mount
  • Battery or USB powered
  • DataView® graphing and analysis software included

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